A Quick Look at Digital Health at CES 2022

by John Lynn

One of the advantages of living in Las Vegas is that I get to go to a lot of conferences I wouldn’t attend otherwise.  It seems like almost every conference comes through Las Vegas.  Plus, we have shows like CES that are hear every year because no other city is large enough to host a show of that size.  Of course, this year was quite different with Omicron spiking and many companies deciding to stay home.  If I didn’t live in Las Vegas, I’d have stayed home too but since it’s so convenient I did go down for 3/4 day to at least get a taste for what Digital Health looked like at CES 2022.

In some ways, the experience at CES 2022 was better.  There was literally no traffic and plenty of parking.  Normally I’d park at the casino across the street, but this year I was able to drive right up to the Palazzo parking and parked like I would any other time.  To be honest though, it was quite odd to not have massive crowds of people everywhere and tons of traffic.

Badge pickup for the event was nice as well and quite easy.  They checked my vaccination record and then got me my badge.  Plus, they gave me a rapid COVID test as well which thankfully I haven’t needed, but was a really nice gesture.  They also offered PCR COVID tests for those that needed them to travel back to other countries.

Sadly, I’m three paragraphs into this article and I’ve only talked about COVID, so let’s get to some digital health.  Normally I’d attend multiple days and visit a lot more, but this time I only did a truncated trip to see what was there.  With all the risks, I wasn’t motivated to go back the second day when most of the digital health this year was focused on fitness versus the healthcare side of things.

Those that know me know how much I love everything Italian, so I passed by the Italian startup section and came across an interesting company called Senior.  They had a smart sensor that would “smell” food like meat to see how old it was and safe to eat.  Bravo!

3D Printing always has a good presence at CES and you can see how far it’s come over the years.  I met with Formlabs and they shared how they’re seeing their 3D Printers used by surgeons in healthcare.  Check out details in the video below:

Plus, one of Formlab’s partners, Tension, shared with us how they’re using 3D Printing to rapidly iterate a catheter solution that prevents kinking and other complications. 

Another cool company I found was Virdio which offered a really cool augmented reality (AR) fitness solution.  Virtual workout equipment is a great idea and I think AR is a great way to track compliance and good technique.  I’ll be interested to see how this technology is applied to improve people’s health.  You can learn more about it and see a demo of it in action in the video below.

I also was able to catch a piece of Lygeia Ricciardi’s session at CES 2022 and then catch up with her after the session.  I was excited to hear more about what she’s building at AdaRose.  Lygeia has a beautiful vision for what she wants to accomplish and how she wants to help women.  Check it out and see how it might be able to help you.