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OS and Android email client that loosely resembles Google’s native Gmail app crossed with the latest version of Tweetbot. It supports multiple email providers, including Gmail, Yahoo and, but promises realtime push notifications for all emails you receive, something most email clients (at least on iOS) don’t offer. To cut down on noise, users can opt to switch off push notifications for emails from the likes of social networks and marketers.
Meanwhile, hopes to use myChat get a foothold in the US ‘SMS replacement’ IM app market before the likes of Asia’s Line make a big push there. The Whatsapp-style app offers VoIP and voice calling in addition to IM, and there’s the now almost compulsory inclusion of stickers that users can send to each other.
Both apps are free and (third-party) ad-free, relying on promotion of’s mobile games to generate revenue. myGames currently offers three games; Jungle Heat, Poker Arena, and Lucky Fields. The company says that since a recent soft launch, Jungle Heat has already received 1.5 million downloads on iOS and 6 million downloads on Android, while Lucky Fields has been installed 1.2 million times on Android since August.
Screen Shot 2013 11 19 at 12.58.37 730x449 Russian giant launches in the US as, with free email and IM apps subsidized by mobile gaming


In a briefing call last week, Mail.Ru CEO and Chairman, Dmitry Grishin, described’s focus as “communitainment” – offering communication products subsidized by entertainment. He noted that a photo sharing app, myCamera, would be launched in the near future.
The challenge for with is that it’s entering a competitive market with little experience of American consumers’ tastes. Grishin is obviously bullish about the company’s chances. He explains that marketing and market research for will be handled from an office in Mountain View, Silicon Valley, although all development will take place in Russia.
Fellow Russian titan Yandex struggled in its initial experiment with the American market but is going in much bigger here with a far more mainstream brand and range of products. We’ll be watching closely to see how it fares
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