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INFOGRAPHIC: Recruiting Via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Continues To Grow - AllFacebook

A total of 92 percent of U.S. companies use social networks and social media to recruit talent, up from 78 percent five years ago, according to new research from recruitment platform Jobvite, which also found that although LinkedInremains dominant in the sector, Facebook and Twittercontinue to make inroads.
Other findings in the 2012 annual Social Recruiting Survey from Jobvite:
  • Two-thirds of companies now use Facebook for recruiting, while 54 percent use Twitter. LinkedIn continues to rule this category, at 93 percent.
  • 71 percent of human resources and recruiting professionals classify themselves as moderate to exceptional social recruiters.
  • Nearly three out of four hiring managers and recruiters check candidates’ social profiles, and 48 percent said they always do so.
  • On the positive side, 80 percent of respondents said they reacted positively to candidates’ memberships in professional organizations, and two-thirds did the same for volunteering or donating ton a nonprofit.
  • On the negative side, 78 percent frowned upon references to using illegal drugs, 67 percent to posts of a sexual nature, 61 percent to profanity, and 47 percent to alcohol.
  • Poor spelling or grammar drew a negative reaction from 54 percent of respondents.
  • Politics and religion were not a factor for most hiring managers and recruiters, as 62 percent and 53 percent, respectively, said they were neutral to posts of that nature.
  • 73 percent said they had successfully hired a candidate via social media, up from 63 percent in 2011 and 58 percent in 2010. 89 percent had hired via LinkedIn, 25 percent via Facebook, and 15 percent via Twitter.
  • 43 percent of respondents felt that the quality of applicants has improved thanks to social media.
  • One-third saw more employee referrals.
  • 20 percent said it takes less time to hire when using social recruiting.
Jobvite President and CEO Dan Finnigan said:
The rise in social recruiting has allowed both candidates and employers an easier way to find the best match. We continue to see social recruiting gain popularity because it is more efficient than the days of sifting through a haystack of resumes. It also increases quality referral hires, which our own data on Jobvite proves are hired faster and last longer.