Simply Hired Connects With Facebook

Job seach engine Simply Hired made job search networking a whole lot easier when they integrated SimplyHired with LinkedIn. Job seekers can connect directly from a job listing to their LinkedIn network to find out if they have contacts a company.

Now, Simply Hired has taken another big job searching networking step forward, with a very cool Facebook application that lets job seekers view job openings at their friend's companies and send messages to their friends at those company to see if they can help with their job search.

Job seekers who use the Facebook Connect integration can interact with their Facebook profile and friends on to receive customized job recommendations and and instantly personalize their job search.

You'll see your Facebook friends at the top of the page when you search for jobs, plus, you'll see your LinkedIn connections on the right side of the page next to individiual job postings.

Considering the importance of networking when it comes to job seaching, these are application everyone who is job searching should be using. That's because your contacts can be key to helping you find a job.

To get started, simply click on "Log On to Facebook" when you visit