StatPlot: Visualize and Share Sports Statistics - information aesthetics

StatPlot [] puts the power of creating charts in the hands of sports fans. As the avid infosthetics reader should already know, there are other services that allow you to upload data and create a variety of visualizations, such as Chartle, Verifiable, Many Eyes, Swivel, iCharts, Trendrr, Widgenie, Track-n-Graph and Timetric. StatPlot, however, claims they all suffer from the same issue: the average sports fan does not have access to quality sports statistics to upload. Instead, StatPlot has an extensive database consisting of NBA, College Basketball, NFL, College Football, and NASCAR sports results.

Charts can be configured as line, bar, pie or Google motion charts in a very easy way. They come in three online formats: interactive flash, static image, and thumbnail, which can all be embedded in third-party blogs or websites. Novel features seem to be the tight integration with Twitter, the ability to edit ("copy and edit") existing graphs on the fly, the ability to login with an existing Google/Facebook/Twitter/Yahoo/MySpace/Windows Live account, and the somewhat tacky feature to add a sports-related background to the graph.