Miles’ Blog » If Web2.0 applied to cars - Thoughts and errata from Miles Burke.

If Web2.0 applied to cars…
  1. They would only be available in Lime Green, Orange, Hot Pink and Deep Blue. All of which also in gradients.
  2. Manufacturers would all be named ‘Chryslr’, ‘Mercedoodle’, ‘Dodg3’ or ‘Toyo.ta’
  3. They wouldn’t blow smoke, they’d blow clouds.
  4. You would be able to drag and drop the dashboard components with your index finger.
  5. The car would go smoothly, most of the time, hey, it’s a BETA version after all.
  6. Your vehicles manual would be written in 24pt Trebuchet. It would also come with 43 bookmarks.
  7. Your radio would have a clickwheel, and you’d subscribe to feeds, not stations.
  8. Your only instruments would be the speedometer and fuel gauge – less is more, right?
  9. Car accidents would start to be called Mashups.
  10. Talk about sleek curves – the whole body would be a collection of rounded corners.
  11. They would work fine on all standard roads – an old potholed road may not support them well. Indeed, your whole car could shift 100 pixels or so into the wrong lane.
  12. When new models came out, you’d need an invite to even see them.
  13. You’d be able to upgrade the engine wirelessly, using your PDA whilst sipping a latte.
  14. Ajax would bring out a car cleaning product.
  15. Most major highways would install rails.
  16. Lots of small car manufacturers would start up, but GM (GoogleMotors) or Yahoowagon would buy them out.
  17. Indicators wouldn’t blink, they’d fade in and out.
  18. Car Clubs would be called Social Networks.