Baseball Boss: If You Don’t Love Baseball Yet, You Will Now

by Michael Arrington

First off, if you love Baseball, skip this post for a minute and go claim one of the 1,000 beta accounts we have for Baseball Boss - click “register” on the top left and use the code “techcrunch” to get in. Then come back here and see why you’ll be glad you did.

Baseball Boss is the second game title from Texas-based Challenge Games, which launched in August 2007. Duels is an asynchronous gaming platform that lets users build fantasy characters and fight duels against other users. Users loved it so much that the platform ground to a halt within hours, and the company spent weeks adding servers and trying to keep up with growth. By December a million characters a day were being killed on Duels (no problem, you could get back up and fight again).

Baseball Boss runs on the same platform as Duels, but the game is completely different. Instead of creating fantasy characters and arming them with swords and spells, Baseball Boss lets users build fantasy baseball teams using real players (they have a licensing deal with Major League Baseball)....