Microsoft's Gatineau to Compete with Google Analytics

September 14, 2007 — 05:14 PM PDT — by Kristen Nicole


Microsoft has offered a sneak peak at its upcoming Gatineau service, which will be a direct competitor to Google Analytics.

Gatineau will be offered in an English version first, in countries that have local adCenter support teams. The purpose of Gatineau is to offer more targeted advertising options to marketers, with the provision of better analysis tools in order to get a better ROI. Some of the tools that Gatineau will provide include demographic segmentation, an integrated view of marketing campaign effectiveness, integration of conversion value data, and new tools for viewing behavioral data.

The expectation is that Gatineau will be a major competitor to Google Analytics, along with several other tools out there. With its new integrated suite service for Windows Live, combining superior analytics tools could be advantageous for advertisers. Request your beta invite here. They’re expected to be sent out some time next week. BlogNation has a good review with slides from Microsoft’s revelatory presentation. Google is going up against Microsoft in its own way as well, with rumors of an offline version of Gmail, along with the upcoming Presently for creating presentations.