Wanted: A Way to Profit by Simplifying Web Classifieds - New York Times

Published: October 2, 2006

Web sites that list classified ads have proliferated, but so far they have mostly made life easier for buyers rather than sellers.

First there is the technology hurdle: many people who want to post a classified ad may feel daunted by the mechanics. Then there is the question of where to post: is it worth it to place a listing on more than one site, or is it enough to simply cast one’s lot with Craigslist, Google Base, eBay or Windows Live Expo from Microsoft?

A new breed of Web sites aims to simplify the process. The sites offer templates and step-by-step instructions for creating classified ads and then post the ads, sometimes free, on all the major listings services.

Two sites that offer this service already are vFlyer and Postlets; a third, Mpire, which plans to charge a small fee for the service, will join the fray soon. The sites rely primarily on outside advertising for their revenue...