Google LatLong: The newest Google Earth Enterprise

Thursday, July 26, 2007 at 10:49 AM
Posted by Noah Doyle, Product Manager, Enterprise Geospatial Products

Today, we're pleased to announce the newest version of Google Earth Enterprise. The enterprise solution brings us into close contact with some of the most advanced users of geospatial tools, and by meeting their needs, it helps make the product better for everyone. And enterprise users are some of the most active in using the products and also making contributions to the Google Earth and Maps user community, with data, blogs and mashups.

So with a goal of extending the benefits of our geo products to organizations, this release takes a big step toward embracing a broader range of users inside organizations. It provides custom database support with Google Maps-style 2D views as well as a traditional 3D view. And it seamlessly marries Google's hosted geo services with the ability to publish custom databases behind the firewall so users can enjoy the best of both worlds. And there's more -- some additional enhancements in this release include...