Homework to read

recently read over this book, The laws of Simplicity, wondering what's the point this book trying to bring to its readers. From my point of view,

"Simplicity is the ultimate abstraction of domain knowledge. "

In other words, finding the tempo or pattern from chaos needs expertise and sometimes luck. Simplicity can only success after one masters his business domain. -in art, literature, social science, or technology.

Let me be more specific,
  • Without system architecture and search algorithms, Google's web design is not simplicity but stupidity.
  • Without mentioning market understanding, human interface design, or manufacturing technologies, talking about iPod's design has no different than a cigarette box design.
  • Without ingenuity and profound knowledge from Newton and Einstein, there won't be F=MA and E=MC2.
  • "an invisible hand" by Adam Smith, "natural selection" by Charles Darwin, i see the beauty of simplicity.
  • Mondrian in painting, Shakespeare in poems, Mozart in music, i believe there are few exceptions.
My boss once said in a meeting, "problems are always complex, but the decision is always simple." So to speak it implied something else to me, and the else is true :)

If we like to bird view simplicity in a diff-t way , i would recommend this book. Or just trying to be the master of our domain, king of our country, queen of our castle, or lord of our manor. Simplicity should be there somewhere.

p.s. an example in the book something like "I prefer white furniture, but my mother prefers red", i could hardly understand why color preference has anything to do with simplicity.