Master of Bugs

As of a programmer for more than a decade, i could humbly become a master of bugs. according to the 80/20 rule for a software life cycle, a programmer usually spend 80% of time fighting with bugs. do not complain about the QA/QC process, 'cause nothing is perfect in this world.. knowledge management(KM) text books tell us-- filtered data becomes information, categorized information becomes knowledge, and to share, to refine, and to reuse the knowledge will become KM. let the master share his knowledge, and, you do the management...

1. the bugs are usually invisible.

2. if a bugs is visible, sometimes it just looks like a bug but not a bug. if you debug a non-bug, you are just creating new bugs.

3. if it IS a bug, make sure not to kill it immiediately. becausue
3.1 the bug may have parent bugs
3.2 the bug may have siblings
3.3 the bug may have children
3.4 the bug may be pregnant

4. if one of the above is true and you just kill the bug you found, the bug families will all come out and revenge.

5. identify a bugs, watch it carefully, test it with love, seduce its relatives out, quarantine them, and pick a good time to kill them all.

6. even doing everything right, you still got a chance resulting in new bugs you have never seen before. do not get disappointed. just goto step 1. -- you've got pretty much as 80% of you time to play it around recursively.